Welcome to Binkiland!

Thanks for joining us in the world of Binkiland! We have a number of solutions to improve your search browser.
We have developed a fantastic new tool to help you manage your internet browsing. Think of Binkiland as your new homepage. Every time you want to remember a website, you can easily save it to your Binkiland. When you go online, you will be greeted by all of your past selections, allowing you to jump back to previous sessions without hesitation.
Binkiland also allows you to save websites to your homepage on the fly. Just click on the Binkiland icon at the right side of your URL box, and you will see several options for categorizing your selection. Pick colors, make custom categories, it’s all possible with Binkiland’s flexibile interface.
If you want to know a bit more about our product before downloading Binkiland, check out our About page and FAQs. These pages will give you a better sense of our offers and improvements to browsing.
So have a look around. Check out our blogs to see what’s the latest and greatest from our office. Enjoy!

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