There is really no shortage of options for searching for new sites around the web. All the major search engines are effective, even if one or two occupy most of the market share.


These companies make their living off of search, and the advertisements associated with the results. It’s not a bad way to live–these are incredibly large industries, and at their heart, they provide a service that has brought information to the masses. It’s difficult to overstate the vast societal change these developments have engendered.


But these big search companies have a little dirty secret they don’t want to tell you about; they want you to keep searching.


As strange as it may sound, the big search companies don’t really stand to gain very much if you are satisfied with the results of your search. Sure, you’ll search again eventually, but it’s actually better for these engines to keep you a bit confused because you’ll search again.


How does Binkiland solve the search conspiracy?


It’s actually quite simple. Binkiland connects users to web content through retention. When you find a website you find intriguing, save it as a shortcut to your homepage. Then it will be there the next time you browse.


Small, niche, indie…whatever word you use to describe websites with less traffic, they will all be thrilled you are using Binkiland to enhance your search. Once you find them, you can stick with them more easily. Think of Binkiland as a great equalizer on the internet; a meritocracy of digital content.