Almost all of us harbor a soft interest for learning new languages. And almost all of us never take the plunge.


But over time, some of the stunning advancements in web development have swung the door wide open to start learning a new tongue. It is easier than ever to learn–from the basics to the advanced stages of grammar and idiosyncrasy, it’s all at your fingertips. It’s time to reach out and grab it, and Binkiland can help!


Binkiland the polyglot


There is no shortage of languages available for you to learn on the web. Western, eastern, new, ancient, it’s all available to you. There are a number of language websites and services that can bring you up to speed.


Some of these sites are devoted to learning new vocabulary. You can load up flashcards and train your way to fluency, one word or phrase at a time.


Or, other web pages can give you a full run-down of a language’s grammar in a relatively short space. There are a wealth of academic sources that, in near mathematical fasion, lead you through the building blocks of lexicon and verb structures.


But let’s be honest, how many of us can learn this way? With a ‘subject’ as complicated and nuianced as a language, you will need several websites and resources working in concert to develop some strength and flexibility in your new language.


So, create a “language” category in your Binkiland homepage, and fill it with all the sweetest resources you find!