Who can say exactly when English became the World Language? English enjoys a ubiquity that is certainly unparalleled in all of human history.


There was a time when French was the language to learn if you wanted to sound ‘educated’, but this is clearly no longer the case. English has become the lingua franca of nearly every major international arena. Companies who fashion themselves as international and progressive will adopt English if their employees can manage it.


What are the consequences of this evolution?


Yes, you can walk into a restaurant in most major world cities and find an English menu and be served by an English speaking waiter. But is this a good thing? Is this a net positive for the world society?


Some of the benefits of this system are obvious–two humans who share no ethnic or historical background have a much greater chance of being able to communicate now than they did ten or fifteen years ago. In a sense English no longer belongs to the Anglos; rather, it is international in nature. Although Merriam-Websters and other dictionaries set the official standards, the fate of the language is ultimately determined by those who speak it.

How can Binkiland spread English?


If you want to improve your English, as do most people vying for a spot in the international economy, than Binkiland can be of great service to you. Binkiland provides a great format for you to organize and control all of the dynamic websites devoted to ESL instruction.