Did you know that, chances are you will check your phone 2.5 times before you finish reading this blog post?


Pretty staggering data. The information paints a stark picture of our collective adhesion to mobile devices. Just think about it–a decade ago people were barely using Blackberry, and now a 5th grader wouldn’t be caught dead without the newest version of the iPhone.


Binkiland and Smartphones


Our capabilities and social expectations have altered dramatically around the mass-adoption of smartphones. You simply cannot perform most modern jobs without one. Socially, it is quite complicated in most circles if you are not constantly checking your friends’ updates and their Whatsapp group.


On the other hand, this constant connection to the network gives us nearly unlimited access to streams of information. Do you remember the era when you didn’t have Wikipedia available at a moment’s notice? Never again will we forget how many movies Kevin Costner appeared in before 1995, or the different sub-species of Pomeranians, or the current value of your Pokemon cards. It’s true, dear readers, we will never be plagued by fact-forgetfulness as long as we have search engines burning in our pockets. Thank goodness.


We at Binkiland hope one day to develop a mobile app that will allow you to cross-connect all your devices effectively. Soon, you will be able to take your Binkiland wherever you go, without having to give a second thought to the location of all your saved desktop sites. That’s the kind of world we want to live in.