The tech giants only began their foray into tablets a few years ago. In terms of revenue and production, the introduction of the tablet into the market has been remarkable. But does that mean the tablet is here to stay?


This is a difficult question to answer. However, because of the explosion of capabilities offered by smartphones, we have to guess that the tablet will lose popularity over time. That is, unless tablet design can become functional enough to allow for functional word processing.


But is a relatively safe bet that all our devices will eventually be synced regardless of operating system or platform. Pretty soon the only distinguishing characteristic between all these technologies will be the size and location of the screen. The operating system will be virtually the same but how and where you use it will still vary.


In practice, having a tablet when you have a fully-loaded smartphone in your pocket seems a bit silly. But ask any tablet user, it’s nice to have a sizable screen for train rides to work. Or something that allows you to read your articles while reclining on the couch.


Where does Binkiland fit?  


We would like to hear your opinions–do you think we should make a mobile app designed for tablets? Do you think you would benefit from being able to save your favorite websites and bring them around with you from desktop to tablet? Send us a message and let us know your thoughts.