There has never been a better time to be a music fan. As if widespread internet connectivity wasn’t enough, there are dozens, if not hundreds of high quality streaming services available, many of them for free.


So once you have selected your favorite streaming website for your desktop or for your mobile, you need a way to discover your next favorite band or artist. Well, there exist countless of locations across the web that index music artists and their work.


Some of these databases are massive. Wikipedia, for example, contains a vast library of music data (and they even have some music samples on the pages). Not only do Wiki pages list the tracks, release dates, and sales history of albums, most music pages also contain selections of music criticism and reception history.



Fitting Binkiland to Your Tastes


For those of us with insatiable taste for tunes, Binkiland is a fantastic tool for making a dedicated space to our favorite music. Consider your Binkiland homepage–it is the ideal space to store information, dates, and links to everything you ever wanted to know about the songs that move you.


A great way to start is by clicking to conjure a category in your homepage. One way of organizing the web pages is to make a category devoted to a single band or artist. Name the title, for example, “Talking Heads”, and then add logos and shortcuts to make the artist profile complete. Enjoy!