Admit it, you love online games. Who doesn’t? At Binkiland we are gameaholics in every sense of the made-up word.


We simply cannot stop playing online games. And with the current level of online gaming, there’s no reason to quit our addiction. It is truly amazing how a good game can grab your attention so quickly, and keep it for so long.


Binkiland’s Vote


You don’t have to be a gaming expert or enthusiast to join in the fun. The best game designs are simple at the beginning–they ease their players into the experience. The user is not required to learn complex button manipulation or strategy until the player progresses.


A well-structured story mode is hard to beat. But then again, comic nonsense also has its appeal. Storylines with minimal structure tend to be funny; in a way they are poking fun at familiar tropes of single player gaming.


We did an office wide vote, and we came to the unquestionable conclusion that ‘Defense’ style games are the best (after Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games, that is). Now, that’s not to say that there are exceptions in every gaming category, but we decided that nothing combines strategy and skill like a good defense game.


The hopelessly addicted core of Binkiland developers wholeheartedly encourage you the user to use your homepage to store the locations of all your favorite online games. Use our homepage format to create various gaming categories, by style, host page, or however else you see fit. Happy gaming!