Going to the bank is never as simple as it should be. There never seem to be enough tellers available to perform your elementary transactions or answer your questions.


You wait in lines that never seem to end, just to arrive at the desk of a teller who snidely informs you that you are missing some VERY key document to perform the transaction. And so you return home, defeated, only to discover that the information in this VERY important document was stored on your phone the whole time. You start the car, tires screeching, and you race back to the bank. Naturally, they are closed at 5:30 PM on a Wednesday. But don’t worry, they will be open again from the convenient hours of 11 AM to 2 PM and 4 AM to 7 XM the rest of the week.


Binkiland Steps In


But really, the critical point here is, you shouldn’t have to physically go to the bank at all. Ever. The technology is widely available to send and deposit money electronically. And yet, for so many small transactions we make our way to the brick-and-mortar perpetual waiting line.


Perhaps it is due to the high-stakes nature of things like our paychecks, our bills, our mortgage etc. that we are just not willing to take the perceived risk of making these transactions without a human to confirm it. Either way, you can use your Binkiland homepage to create your own virtual finance space. Create categories for all your bank websites or pension pages. Start with Binkiland!