So, what is the story behind Binkiland?

Excellent question, we love talking about ourselves. We were a group of programmers (well, we still are) who were sick of the common paradigm of web browsing. We wanted a clever, cogent solution to breaking up the silly URLs and shortcuts that plague the big browsers. And, thus, Binkiland was set into motion.


What are these square links on my homepage?

These are your shortcuts. Very handy little tools. These are essentially your portals to the rest of the web.


The best part about your shortcuts is that you can make them reflect your style  and image. You don’t need to be a Photoshop expert to make your shortcuts look dazzling. Every shortcut comes with a simple, intuitive tool box to make customization effortless.


How do you remove Binkiland?

Take a look at our easy removal guide. It contains all the necessary information for removing Binkiland. It has instructions for all major browser types.


Can other people see my homepage?

No, absolutely not. Your homepage is yours to create and enjoy on your own. It is not something like a Facebook profile that you have to set to private before people are blocked.


But because all your shortcuts are stored as URLs, it’s still painless to copy, cut, and paste websites to post and share them with your friends. After all, we’re sure you want to get the word out when you do stumble on something cool.